COMING February 2019 


Dublin-bred singer and pianist Rachael Lavelle delivers a performance that is theatrical, enigmatic and intense.

Influenced by an eclectic mix of classical, jazz and electronic music, Rachael exhibits a sound which has been described as ‘an enigmatic one, shrouded in shadowy corners and ominous tones' (The Last Mixed Tape). 

Melodies that enchant, vocals that captivate and lyrics that grip and unveil the vulnerabilities of the human spirit. She has performed in venues across Ireland and abroad in Paris and Lisbon.

In 2016 she received an M.Phil in Music and Media Technologies from Trinity College Dublin where she specialised in Composition. 

As a composer, Rachael has had works performed by RTÉ ConTempo Quartet, Téada Orchestra and Tonnta Vocal Ensemble.

She is a member of the Irish Composers Collective. 



“[..] this is a performer and writer with oodles of potential”

– Jim Carroll, The Irish Times (2014)



“The music of Superman is deep, dark and tense. You don’t listen to it, you get wrapped up in it. The weaving strings, the full-bodied chimes of piano and Rachael Lavelle’s soaring vocal all work to create a record that has incredible sense of “somewhere else”.”

– Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape (2015)



“Lavelle’s incredibly powerful voice resonates wonderfully throughout this entire endeavour [...] there’s not a weak moment to be found anywhere on this record.”

- Dave Simpson, Pure M (2015)



“A simply captivating record, Rachael Lavelle’s music is an enigmatic one, shrouded in shadowy corners and ominous tones. Resulting in an engaging listen from start to finish.”

- Stephen White, The Last Mixed Tape (2015)



“The two things that initially struck me listening to Rachael Lavelle’s Superman E.P. were, one, a depth of maturity in her lyrics, and two, I cannot adequately attach her vocals or sound to any predecessor, there’s a certain sense of the theatricality of Kate Bush, but not the sound.”

- Remy’s Music and Film,  (2015)



“ many ways Lavelle embodied the entire point of Ones to Watch.”

- The Last Mixed Tape, (2016)